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AllSource Addiction Fund

AllSource's way of helping combat the drug epidemic. Click the red text above to visit our AllSource Addiction Fund Website where we donate money and drug tests to 1 treatment center in each of the 50 states.

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AllSource Screening Solutions provides all sorts of customers ranging from parents, rehabilitation and treatment centers, teens, adults, businesses, and more with a diverse array of cost-saving drug tests and alcohol screening supplies.

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Pre-employment, random, post accident, and regular screenings are becoming the norm in industries across the United States. Let AllSource Screening Solutions consult with you to establish a screening system that makes sense for your specific business model and needs.

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Make a change. save a life. end the epidemic.

The AllSource Addiction Fund was created in order to help those struggling in a time of need. The United States officially declared that we are in the midst of a nationwide opioid crisis. In order to pay our contributions to society, we created this fund in which a portion of every sale gets deposited into an account that will pay out 100% of the money and/or drug testing supplies to 1 treatment or rehabilitation facility in each of the 50 states.

AllSource Addiction Fund

Donations not involving the purchase of products are always welcomed.

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Visit our informational Addiction Fund website by clicking the logo on the left.

AllSource Screening Solutions sells high quality drug testing products. Our urine & saliva drug testing products are one of a kind. We offer drug tests that test for over 19 certified drugs, more than anyone else in the industry. Drug tests are a very important part of our society, providing a standard for all of our employees, children, friends, family, and even ourselves! Drug tests are very important to battle this nationwide epidemic we are currently seeing in our country. Join AllSource Screening Solutions as we provide support, money, and resources (drug testing products) to those struggling from substance abuse. Call us about our bulk pricing for all drug testing products.